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The sky is the limit for making an impact

Marketing Manager Lori uses her passions to make an impact


For Lori Spencer, the sky truly is the limit. In fact, she’s gone skydiving  17 times and plans to go for even more. It’s evident that Lori stays true to her passions, but she also takes it a step further and uses many of them to make an impact.

One of Lori’s passions is her career in marketing. As an RSM marketing manager based in Dayton, Ohio, Lori often hits the road travelling to Cleveland, Detroit, Cincinnati, Columbus and Indianapolis to visit her internal clients, making a point to visit each at least once a month. In addition to being a strategic marketer in her region, she also serves as the national automotive marketer for our global automotive team.

“My goal is to be a first-choice advisor to my externally facing client servers,” said Lori. “I have a responsibility to get to know them so that I can help them be successful. I truly enjoy my job and each one of the partners I work with provides a new outlook on how I can make my job more impactful, which in turn makes it more fun.”

Lori not only strives to make an impact at work, but also through various charities in her community. Her husband, three stepchildren and 15-year-old son share her passion for philanthropy and together they’ve gotten involved with nonprofits such as the Make a Wish Foundation and Give Where You Live Miami County.

“I started a holiday tradition where we place an envelope in the Christmas tree and add money to it throughout the holiday season. We draw names on Thanksgiving, and that family member gets to choose the charity that the collected funds go to,” said Lori. “I want to teach my kids that life is bigger than just us, and that together, we can make an impact in someone else’s life.”

This remarkable tradition is documented in one of Lori’s many poems. Her passion for charity matches her passion for writing and creating influence through her written words. She’s been writing since she was 12, picking up her pen any time she is feeling inspired or moved, and hopes to one day be a published novelist.

“Writing poetry gives me an outlet to convey my thoughts and feelings. I hope that through my words I can also move others and impact the way we all view the world,” said Lori.

Lori has many other hobbies, including running, cooking and of course, sky-diving. Her passion for life is contagious and reflects all she does in her work at RSM, her philanthropic contributions and her daily interactions with each person she meets.