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A powerful advance in partnership tax technology reporting, with fast K-1 and K-3 generation

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Increase the value and reduce the complexity of your partnership tax compliance function.

In today’s turbulent environment—with an uncertain regulatory climate, accelerated investor deadlines and increasing torrents of data to process—it’s not surprising that partnerships and their investors are demanding more transparency and control over their tax information. Too often, the information they need isn’t readily accessible. That’s no longer acceptable.

That’s why RSM developed PartnerSight, the industry’s leading allocation and tiering partnership tax technology platform. With customizable reporting that provides insight across and within your funds, PartnerSight delivers transparent real-time tax data, in formats you can easily use. Coupled with PartnerSight, our accredited tax professionals are able to use their industry experience and high-touch service to reimagine your tax planning and compliance. The result: thousands of tax department hours shifted to higher-value work for your business.

PartnerSight makes it easy to:

  • Instant display of organization structures and related investors for understanding the flow of data throughout the entire structure
  • Timesaving data collection process in which known information is pre-populated
  • Technology-enabled data extraction, transformation, and mapping from your PDF source documents and Excel data files
  • Specialized interfaces that support efficient handling of high volumes of source documents and data files (e.g., Schedules K-1 and K-3)
  • Centralized organization and distribution of tax documents across related funds
  • Convenient and streamlined management of investor profiles
  • Instantly clone existing data sets to leverage for estimates

PartnerSight helps tax departments in pass-through organizations manage changing regulations and investor demands in even the most complex structures across:

To see what PartnerSight can do, request a demo or watch our video. It’s 2 minutes and 20 seconds well spent.

After having conversations with a number of accounting firms and speaking with RSM, it became clear that RSM exceeds everyone else given their subject matter expertise, depth and breadth of internal resources, laser-focus on implementing technology solutions and, very importantly, strong personal skills.
Benjamin Murray, Chief Operating Officer, Cypress Creek Partners

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Ready to begin your tax data optimization journey? RSM’s complimentary partnership tax data assessment and customized scorecard will expose opportunities for optimization.

PartnerSight works with multiple RSM services and solutions that can help you across the full range of your partnership tax needs.

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