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Cell & Gene, Cell & Gene Therapy Investment Outlook In 2022 & Beyond, Steve Kemler and Adam Lohr, 02/21/2022
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CNN New Day, Russia-Ukraine conflict could cause inflation to surge, 02/19/2022

Law360, Turnabout In Md. And Handbags In Ore.: SALT In Review, David Brunori, 02/18/2022

Baltimore Business Journal, Largest Accounting Firms in Greater Baltimore, Phil Davis, 02/18/2022

The Scott Becker Private Equity & Business Podcast, Matt Wolf, Health Care Senior Analyst and National Health Care Business Valuation Leader at RSM on Multiples and Labor 2-17-22, Scott Becker, 02/17/2022

Ponte Vedra Recorder, RSM donates $352K to INK! through Birdies Fore Love, 02/17/2022

The Washington Post, GOP Fed blockade has Democrats worried about other nominations, including Supreme Court, Mike DeBonis and Rachel Siegel, 02/17/2022

Accounting Today, Transforming the audit: Looking ahead with technology, Stacy Dow, 02/17/2022

Politico: Morning Money, The Fed's sleeper risk, Kate Davidson and Aubree Eliza Weaver, 02/17/2022

The Fiscal Times, Biden Wants More Money for the Pentagon: Report, Michael Rainey, 02/16/2022

Reuters, Private Companies Misjudging Level of Effort Needed to Adopt New lease Accounting Rules, Denise Lugo, 02/16/2022

Marketplace, Forget stagflation. Retail sales point to a “boomflation” economy, Lily Jamali, 02/16/2022

Tax Notes, Tax Pros Burst Overeager Cryptocurrency Community Bubble, Nathan J. Richman and Mary Katherine Browne, 02/16/2022

FundFire, Blackstone Mounts $24B Continuation Deal for Logistics Platform, Tom Stabile, 02/16/2022

CNN Business, 6 ways the Russia-Ukraine conflict could hurt your wallet, Matt Egan, 02/16/2022
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ValueWalk, Inflation Could Reach 10% Amid A Russia-Ukraine Conflict, 02/16/2022
Also picked up in Entrepreneur and The World News

CNN Politics, Biden seeks to shore up his domestic flank in his showdown with Putin, Stephen Collinson, 02/16/2022
Also picked up in The World News

Reuters, Global companies slow debt-raising as yields climb, Patturaja Murugaboopathy, 02/16/2022
Also picked up in International Business Times and

Modern Healthcare, Certain specialty pharmacy drugs double in price at hospitals, study finds, Mari Devereaux, 02/16/2022, ‘BDRY’ Sinks As Shipping Demand Eases, Dan Mika, 02/16/2022

Unchained Podcast, Your 2021 Crypto Taxes: How to Handle NFTs, DAOs, Airdrops and More, Laura Shin, 02/15/2022
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CNN Business, Exclusive: Russia-Ukraine conflict could cause inflation to hit 10%, new analysis finds, Matt Egan, 02/15/2022
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Middle Market Growth, Three Ways the Great Resignation is Shaking up the Economy, Kathryn Mulligan, 02/15/2022
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Middle Market Growth, Operational Excellence Series Pt. 2: The Evolution of IT, 02/15/2022

Modern Healthcare, SEC private fund rules could affect health system investors, fund managers, Tara Bannow, 02/14/2022

INSIDE Public Accounting, RSM Adds Integrated Marketing and Communications Technology Leader, 02/14/2022

The Scott Becker Private Equity & Business Podcast, Richard Kes, Partner at RSM on Dry Powder and Inflation 2-11-22, Scott Becker, 2/11/2022

Law360, Patriots In Iowa And Tax Cuts In Conn.: SALT In Review, David Brunori, 02/11/2022

Accounting Today, On the move: Cohen & Co. appoints next CEO, Danielle Lee, 2/11/2022

FOX Business, January inflation breakdown: Where are rising prices hitting Americans the hardest?, Megan Henney, 2/10/2022
Also picked up in Yahoo! Finance, Tired of inflation? The Federal Reserve’s actions won’t provide any relief for months, Jeff Cox, 2/10/2022

Built In, What Biden’s $1 Trillion Infrastructure Package Means for Telecom, Ken Tinnes, 2/10/2022

SeekingAlpha, Consumer inflation climbs most in 40 years, 10Y UST yield tops 2%, Liz Kiesche, 2/10/2022

Quad-City Times, Leading in 2022: RSM: Success equals giving back, Macey Spensley, 2/10/2022

Compliance Week, Microsoft, Activision Blizzard, and importance of cultural due diligence in M&A, Jaclyn Jaeger, 2/08/2022

Built In, How to Transform Your Security With the Help of AI, Automation and Analytics, David Llorens, John MacDonald and Steve Kane, 2/08/2022

Middle Market Growth, Operational Excellence Series Pt. 1: Closing Cybersecurity Gaps, 2/07/2022

Associated Press, Biden sees US economy as powering past the pandemic, Josh Boak, 02/04/2022
Also picked up in ABC NewsMSN MoneyU.S. News & World Report and Yahoo! Finance, among others

Business North, Ryan Hirsch promoted to partner at RSM US, LLP, 02/04/2022

Law360, Changing Of The Guard In La.: SALT In Review, David Brunori, 02/04/2022

Barron's, Big Hiring Revisions Recolor the View on Job Market Strength Heading Into 2022, Megan Cassella, 02/04/2022
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The Fiscal Times, In War on Vaccines, GOP Turns to Unemployment Benefits, Yuval Rosenberg and Michael Rainey, 02/03/2022

Modern Healthcare, Here's why hospitals want more time to repay their Medicare loans, Tara Bannow, Jessie Hellmann, 02/03/2022

South Florida Business Journal, People on the Move, 02/03/2022

The Scott Becker Private Equity & Business Podcast, Matt Wolf, Health Care Senior Analyst and National Health Care Business Valuation Leader at RSM on Workforce Shortages 2-2-22, Scott Becker, 02/02/2022

Private Equity International, RSM: Gender equity as a business imperative, 02/01/2022

Pittsburgh Business Times, People on the Move, 02/01/2022

CFO Dive, Talent shortage turns audits into tactical issue, Robert Freedman, 02/01/2022