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The Real Economy: August 2022

How the middle market is dealing with the rising value of the dollar and a rapidly changing economic landscape.

In this month’s issue of The Real Economy, we look at the dollar’s stunning ascension and what it means for the economy and middle market businesses. RSM US Chief Economist Joseph Brusuelas writes that the dollar’s appreciation will dampen overall inflation through the trade channel and most likely be the de facto policy of the U.S. Treasury until price stability is restored.

Brusuelas also examines the recent proposal to place a cap on the price of Russian oil. It’s a novel idea, he says, with worthy goals that include limiting funding for Russia’s war machine. But it also carries risks that could result in another surge in oil prices. Middle market firms need to understand these risks as they plan for the second half of the year.

Also in this issue, Brusuelas, RSM US Economist Tuan Nguyen and RSM’s Nick Grandy and Crystal Sunbury look at the chronic shortage of housing in the United States, which has been building for years. They offer ways to address an issue that has left many would-be home buyers on the sidelines. Finally, Grandy examines the residential construction industry through the lens of lumber and discusses the market forces at work.

We look at these issues and more in the August issue of The Real Economy.

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