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The Real Economy: January 2023

The year-ahead economic forecast: Girding for a recession

In our current economic outlook, RSM Chief Economist Joseph Brusuelas examines the changing landscape of risk amid a slowing U.S. economy, and offers his insights into how middle market businesses adapt in 2023.

The era of easy money and low inflation is over, Brusuelas writes, forcing businesses to adjust their strategies. What hasn’t changed is the importance of investing in technology and infrastructure that improve productivity.

All of this is happening at a time of profound change in the global economy, Brusuelas writes. Trading patterns that dominated the past 30 years, with globalization at the forefront, are being rethought. For the middle market, that means higher costs and disrupted supply chains. No industry has been affected more than manufacturing, as RSM's Matt Dollard writes.

Finally, we share the results of a survey that offers insight into what middle market workers want out of their jobs. The short answer: It’s not all about pay.

We explore these topics and more in the January issue of The Real Economy. 

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Examining the changing middle market economic landscape and the year ahead

Join our Chief Economist Joe Brusuelas and U.S. Chamber of Commerce Executive Vice President Neil Bradley for a livestream!

They'll examine the changing risk landscape amid a slowing U.S. economy and offer insights into how businesses can adapt this year. 

February 13 at 1 p.m. EST | Noon CST

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