A proprietary, cloud-based technology platform designed to centralize and manage data for family offices

For family offices, transparency and real-time access to information are crucial not only for day-to-day operational efficiency, but also for enabling strategic decision making. However, many family offices spend significant amounts of time on manual entry of data from various advisors and stakeholders, as well as on consolidating the information from multiple sources and systems.

That’s why RSM developed FamilySight, a proprietary and secure technology platform that delivers timely information in formats you can use and share. With technology scaled to match the complexity of your family office, FamilySight crystallizes a family office’s entire ecosystem and helps manage a comprehensive list of operational components, including:

  • Portfolio management
  • Tax compliance
  • Wealth aggregation and reporting
  • Cybersecurity integration
  • Project coordination
  • Confidential data exchange

With FamilySight, data accessibility and integration allow the client, RSM and related advisors to work collaboratively utilizing the free flow of data across all platforms. FamilySight enhances data transparency for all third-party intermediaries, financial aggregation and reporting dashboards. It delivers unprecedented global information, with permissions that can be customized for each family member.

Experience FamilySight—access, control and transparency—to unlock the value of your family office.

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