A global workforce and RSM’s U.S.-India connection in serving our clients

RSM careers

Our U.S. and India-based teams work together to create capacity for consultative, value-added work and drive growth with clients as we create career growth opportunities for RSM people around the world.

RSM provides our people hands-on opportunities to make a meaningful impact on clients. The RSM US team in India is a highly skilled and innovative workforce of client service professionals, working together with RSM colleagues in the United States and Canada to fulfill client needs.

A co-sourced client engagement

An industrials client that has engaged RSM for a variety of tax, assurance and consulting for more than 15 years recently experienced co-sourced client delivery of its tax compliance needs. Our U.S. engagement team and India team worked together to provide our client a deeper level of consultative relationship while ensuring their compliance needs were met.

Co-sourcing of the tax compliance work shifted roughly 300-400 hours to our India-based team. Their experience with OneSource, our client’s system of choice, made tax document and information sharing easier on the client. And working across opposite time zones kept the compliance work moving consistently.

“Being 11.5 hours ahead of the U.S., we were able to complete the work and have it ready for the U.S. team to review first thing in the morning their time,” says Sujata Kottu, RDC tax supervisor. “This is the intended benefit of working globally – to create an exceptional client experience and help bring even more efficiency, quality and value to our clients.”

The client already had a trusted advisor relationship with the U.S.-based RSM team members and were very pleased with the outsourcing experience, noting increased speed in deliverables, quality of federal and state returns, and the freeing up of key U.S. personnel for consultative matters. 

Expanding client services quickly

A six-year technology client of RSM had a short turnaround need for loan staff assisting. The situation presented an ideal opportunity to work with our India colleagues and bring the credentials and experience they could offer to serve our client.

The engagement lasted about two months and the India team’s involvement created space for the client’s internal tax team to focus on other areas of the return. Taking advantage of the time zone difference to keep the prep work moving, work product was delivered to the U.S. reviewer each morning, enhancing RSM’s efficiency and ability to meet the client’s timeline.

“Our India colleagues are vital in helping us grow and expand our services with clients,” says John Lisi, tax partner and engagement lead for this effort. “While our India team was able to pick up hours of tax prep work, their involvement allowed our U.S. tax team to build a more consultative tax relationship with our client.”

Life at RSM

There’s no one like you and that’s why there’s nowhere like RSM.

Our people are empowered to make an impact, to own their career, and to achieve their personal and professional aspirations.  We celebrate the differences among our talented employees.

When we bring those unique talents and perspectives together, it strengthens our teams and enhances the unique insights we provide our clients.