Financial management

Due to rapid digital transformation, global economic shifts, and heightened regulatory scrutiny, the role of the CFO has become more challenging than ever.

Navigating the complexity in financial management

Middle market businesses are confronted with an array of financial management challenges, ranging from intricate supply chains and international operations to complex tax structures and diverse investment portfolios. Managing cash flows, optimizing working capital and ensuring compliance with an ever-expanding web of financial regulations demand astute decision-making and strategic foresight. Navigating these challenges requires businesses to create process efficiencies and better leverage technology and automation, all while doing more with fewer resources.


54% of finance and accounting executives report they can’t find talent with the needed skills to fill their open roles.


79% of boards say their management team has discussed using or is implementing digital technologies to improve their organization’s tax, finance and accounting processes.


Business intelligence and analytics are the top priorities for middle market executives aiming to leverage raw data and make decisions based on hard numbers.

The importance of financial management cannot be overstated. Accurate financial reporting and forecasting enable informed decision-making at both the strategic and tactical levels. Prudent resource allocation, capital budgeting and risk assessment empower chief financial officers to drive growth and enhance profitability. Furthermore, robust financial management enhances a company's credibility with stakeholders, investors, and creditors, fostering trust and facilitating access to capital.

By embracing technology, harnessing data-driven insights, and adopting proactive risk management practices, CFOs can transition finance from a back-office function to a role of strategic partnership to position their organization for sustained growth and resilience.

Solutions to build a sustainable finance function

RSM provides a broad spectrum of financial management services, tools and resources to meet your specific needs. No matter what level of support you require, RSM is here to provide it.

Top insights for improved financial management and compliance


How to get from finance automation to finance transformation

Digging deep on financial management challenges

CFOs face many challenges in navigating the regulatory landscape, which requires a deep understanding of evolving compliance requirements. Simultaneously, they must adeptly detect and respond to economic challenges, such as market fluctuations, to ensure financial stability. Transforming the finance function to integrate technology and analytics, while also delivering on growth strategies, demands a delicate balance of innovation and fiscal discipline. RSM professionals provide a range of advisory services to support CFOs in addressing these myriad challenges.

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