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CEO Action for Racial Equity


RSM's CEO Task Force for Racial Understanding recently invited interested individuals to apply to step aside from their current role to serve in the CEO Action for Racial Equity fellowship program. The selected six RSM representatives will work alongside fellows from other firms to identify, develop and promote scalable and sustainable public policies and corporate engagement strategies that will advance racial equity and improve societal wellbeing. Representatives Maria Philips and Wei Xue bring their experience to bear on ideas and actions to effectuate systemic positive change.

Maria Phillips brings years of passion and experience to the fellowship. Whether through RSM Employee Network Group leadership, community involvement, practicing law, seeking out grants, designing and implementing DE&I programs, or working on Capitol Hill, Maria leverages her institutional knowledge with every opportunity. Her drive for change is heavily influenced by her own background and encounters with people impacted by the lack of equity. Throughout her career, Maria has sought education on the topic, aligning herself with groups and initiatives that address issues surrounding diversity, equity, and inclusion.

“Our RSM values cannot be fully expressed without targeted action to address the issue of inequity. Policies and procedures we implement will help us deliver The Power of Being Understood to our talent and clients, as well as foster a culture of societal wellbeing as a whole. This call to action should set a precedent that drives meaningful conversations and results.” – Maria Phillips, manager, consulting, Chicago

Wei Xue is a public advocate, petitioning his local board of education to fund community programs. As a volunteer for such programs, he’s seen firsthand how policies that target understanding and inclusion can have a positive and direct correlation to the success of members of underprivileged and underrepresented communities.

“As RSM's talent becomes more diverse, it is important to understand how to deliver and cultivate an environment that promotes the growth of all minority candidates. While RSM has laid the foundation for this initiative, this program will identify any blind spots where action can be taken.” – Wei Xue supervisor, consulting, Baltimore

Embracing our differences to achieve equity

Embracing our differences to achieve equity

RSM representatives Tanya and Daniel are compelled to continue to work toward change as CEO Action for Racial Equity fellows.

Driving impact through empathy and engagement

Driving impact through empathy and engagement

Jalaal and Monique are both dedicated to bringing equity and inclusivity to life and shaping the workplace for diverse talent.