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CEO Action for Racial Equity


RSM's CEO Task Force for Racial Understanding recently invited interested individuals to apply to step aside from their current role to serve in the CEO Action for Racial Equity fellowship program. The selected six RSM representatives will work alongside fellows from other firms to identify, develop and promote scalable and sustainable public policies and corporate engagement strategies that will advance racial equity and improve societal wellbeing. Representatives Jalaal and Monique are both dedicated to bringing equity and inclusivity to life, and will be leaders in shaping the workplace for diverse talent.

Jalaal Madyun experienced living in a small town where he and his brother were the only people of color. It showcased how different life could be for different races, but he learned to be patient with people who are at a different point in their journey. His experience in the racial spotlight has prepared him to listen through emotion and lean into tough conversations to find common ground.

“While increasing diversity and changing personal attitudes move the needle forward, policy changes are the only way to shift the power. I believe this program will lead to policy changes, and I am honored to serve and represent RSM as a foremost leader in affecting change.” – Jalaal Madyun, senior instructional designer, Minneapolis

Impacting social equity has been a goal of Monique Williams-Reese’s since she started her career in public accounting. Previously thinking that differences were primarily present in one’s culture, she’s learned there are many forms of diversity, including diversity in thought and ideas.

“My mission is to employ my current skills to positively impact the future of companies of every size, industry and culture. Although this is a critical fellowship, I understand it is not an easy mission. Still, I will be honored to equip our employees with ways to impact the social climate.” Monique Williams-Reese, senior analyst, innovation, Atlanta

Experience driving change

Experience driving change

Maria and Wei bring their experience to bear on ideas and actions as RSM representatives in the CEO Action for Racial Equity fellowship.

Embracing our differences to achieve equity

Embracing our differences to achieve equity

RSM representatives Tanya and Daniel are compelled to continue to work toward change as CEO Action for Racial Equity fellows.