Experiencing the 5 C's: Curious

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Our firm’s vision is to be the first-choice advisor to middle market leaders globally. At RSM, our people are Caring, Curious, Collaborative, Courageous Critical thinkers. We call these the 5 C’s – the five characteristics of a first-choice advisor. They’re core to our culture and what enable us to be great client servers, teammates and leaders. Manager Jonathan shares how working in RSM’s security and privacy consulting practice sparks his curiosity:

Being curious led me to my career at RSM. Staying curious helped me build a consulting practice from the ground up and allows me to find the best solutions for my clients’ IT security and data privacy concerns each day.

When I first started my job search, I looked for something related to IT but was unsure of what would be right for me. One day, I saw that RSM was hiring, and was curious what they had to offer. I looked up what types of jobs were available and applied for a technology risk advisory position. It turned out to be the perfect fit—combining both my computer investigation and master’s in business administration degrees to consult with clients. As a consultant, I build deep, trusted relationships with my clients with understanding at the core. I live and breathe their IT security and data privacy concerns to find the solutions that best meet their unique situation. I also help my clients by communicating technical topics in a non-technical way so that they can make informed decisions.

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In the past seven years, I’ve moved my way up to manager, helped build a new practice and serve as the practice’s national leader. My curiosity about the IT security and data privacy concerns of our healthcare clients prompted me to volunteer to build a security governance and compliance practice focused on healthcare. I continue to remain curious to figure out how to streamline the best, fastest and highest quality product to offer to the market.

The best part of my job is that it is never the same. Every member of our team has a different background which allows us to have different perspectives. Additionally, because technology is always changing, we reinvent our offerings every 18-24 months to continue to be the leading provider to the middle market. It’s exciting to wonder about the future, get ahead of our clients’ needs and figure out ever-changing solutions—and it all starts with being curious.

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There’s no one like you and that’s why there’s nowhere like RSM.

Our people are empowered to make an impact, to own their career, and to achieve their personal and professional aspirations.  We celebrate the differences among our talented employees.

When we bring those unique talents and perspectives together, it strengthens our teams and enhances the unique insights we provide our clients.