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Revenue recognition: Prepare to implement (webcast recap)


In our recent webcast, Revenue recognition: Prepare to implement, RSM’s presenters explored key accounting considerations for health care organizations, including:

  • ASC 606 basics
  • Self-pay revenue recognition and implicit price concessions
  • Application of the portfolio approach
  • Implications for third-party settlements
  • Consideration of a significant financing component
  • Presentation and disclosure considerations
  • Identification of performance obligations
  • Transition considerations 

Listen to the quick clip below from the webcast as presenter, Pat Kitchen, RSM audit partner and Great Lakes Region health care assurance leader, provides an example related to how a health care organization would report implicit and explicit price concessions under the new guidance.

Watch the entire webcast for additional revenue recognition discussion and helpful examples. For further information, read Changes to revenue recognition in the health care industry, which includes detailed discussion of the new revenue recognition guidance, including its scope, core principle and key steps.

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