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Efficiency, accuracy and actionable business insights—powered by tax technology

The heart of RSM's tax compliance services is our professionals' deep understanding of our clients’ industries, aspirations and challenges. This industry-focused approach enables us to support you with relevant ideas and actionable insights with high degrees of confidence and personalization. By pairing that understanding with advanced digital tools and extensive technical tax knowledge, we help organizations efficiently and accurately meet tax compliance requirements in jurisdictions across the globe.

Our industry teams work with an ecosystem of digital tools, including proprietary solutions such as PartnerSight and CorporateSight, to deliver tax compliance services that:

  • Provide business insights: Our tax professionals apply their understanding of your industry and business objectives to your tax data. That analysis, powered by data analytics tools, supports informed business decisions that provide lasting benefits and tax savings.
  • Create efficiencies: Our tax technology modernizes every step of the compliance process, from automatic ingestion and formatting of your data; to secure, cloud-based information sharing; to complex tiering and allocation calculations completed through our PartnerSight platform. Additionally, CorporateSight helps to easily transition from the provision process to the compliance process in one centralized platform. These capabilities and efficiencies free your people to spend more time on valuable tasks.
  • Mitigate risk: Our professionals use tax technology to perform complex functions faster and more accurately than manually updated spreadsheets, which are susceptible to human error. Jurisdictional tax laws and regulations are programmed into our platforms, ensuring your compliance with evolving rules.
  • Meet deadlines: Our tax compliance professionals deliver this core requirement with clear communication, effective teamwork and digital tools that meet your needs. Your client portal facilitates information sharing and a collective understanding of timing and requirements for the engagement.

After having conversations with a number of accounting firms and speaking with RSM, it became clear that RSM exceeds everyone else given their subject matter expertise, depth and breadth of internal resources, laser focus on implementing technology solutions, and, very importantly, strong personal skills.
Benjamin Murray, Chief Operating Officer, Cypress Creek Partners

Spanning global to local

With 830 offices in 120 countries, RSM has the knowledge, technology and network to serve the tax compliance needs of growth-oriented, internationally minded organizations anywhere. Our tax professionals can help unravel requirements and streamline compliance for U.S.-based multinationals, foreign-based organizations, and entities with nexus in any state or local tax jurisdiction, no matter the complexity. 

Tax compliance technology

Our tax compliance professionals provide: 

Recent insights from our compliance tax professionals.

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