Identity and access management consulting

Organizations are increasingly vulnerable to unauthorized network access. We offer best-in-class solutions for managing secure access across your systems, devices and teams.

Identity and access management consulting services to help in managing secure access to the organization’s resources for the individuals, systems and devices

With traditional network boundaries becoming obscured by the growth of cloud, mobile and digital technologies, identity and access have become the new perimeter and an increasingly critical security capability for organizations. However, many have not first adequately managed their traditional network access, putting the organization in a vulnerable position. As well, many organizations now operate complex businesses powered by distributed hybrid technology architectures. An organization’s security leaders must also address the pressing issue of malicious actors and cybercriminals constantly evolving their methods, making effective cyber defense increasingly challenging. These scenarios necessitate implementation of robust, effective identity and access strategies to prevent unwanted or unauthorized access to critical information and assets. An organization is best served working with a partner that ensures their security solutions are adaptive, helps them meet the evolving cyberthreats of today’s environment and prepares them for tomorrow’s challenges.

RSM understands the complex security issues you face. Our digital identity specialists will advise you on your identity and access needs, implement the right program for your organization, then manage program operations while continuously optimizing your processes. We combine subject matter expertise with industry-leading vendor technology solutions to help you implement effective, proactive cybersecurity solutions that mitigate business risk. Our in-depth knowledge of identity and access solutions is backed by our deep experience across multiple industry verticals and program implementation for businesses ranging in size from small to large cap. 

Organizations benefit from our specialized experience in:

Authentication at its core is a simplistic concept: confirming with whom a person, device or process is or is associated. How an organization chooses to confirm these identities is a more complex effort that should consider a variety of factors such as the criticality of the systems, the data the organization wants to protect and the end-user experience. The biggest inhibitor of strong authentication is a complex process that provides a poor user experience. While usernames and passwords are still a reliable approach, organizations are realizing that enhanced, low impact authentication methods improve the user experience in a more secure manner. Navigating the wide range of options requires a partner well versed in password and password-less concepts such as adaptative, behavioral and contextual. Whether your organization is moving to more advanced concepts or remaining steadfast with multifactor or biometric means, RSM can help.

Our digital identity team specializes in helping clients define the appropriate authentication methods based on the criticality of systems and data. We’ll work with you on:

  • Developing an authentication strategy focused on the organization’s digital identities and engagement channels
  • Assisting you with determining the necessary level of authentication based on criticality of systems and data as well as regulatory and standards requirements
  • Applying advanced authentication methods and techniques within your technology landscape
  • Implementing authentication platforms that support efficient business operations inside the organization and with third parties
  • Delivering fully managed identity authentication capabilities to your organization or managing your existing authentication platforms

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