HITRUST compliance

A tailored HITRUST CSF implementation plan that fits your organization's structure and culture.

Demonstrating adherence to multiple security frameworks

If you are looking to streamline risk compliance efforts, you are in good company. More and more organizations are adopting the HITRUST Common Security Framework as it encompasses multiple security and privacy frameworks, as well as regulatory requirements, under one umbrella. The movement to adopt HITRUST is quickly expanding as many insurance payers, hospitals and health systems require their vendors to achieve HITRUST CSF certification as part of their third-party risk management efforts.

Developing a successful HITRUST plan

HITRUST CSF adoption has rapidly become a standard requirement within the greater health care ecosystem. With the rise of cybersecurity awareness and the management of third-party business risk, organizations are increasingly requiring formal assurances that sufficient information protection programs are implemented.

Comprehensive services to help meet HITRUST guidelines

RSM US LLP is a public accounting firm, allowing our advisors to express an opinion in a System and Organization Controls (SOC) 2 report, as well as conduct a HITRUST CSF validated assessment for certification, allowing for a SOC 2 + HITRUST report.

Deep HITRUST CSF experience and knowledge

When you need outside assistance, it is important to choose the right advisor. RSM understands the issues you face and will work with you to tailor a HITRUST CSF implementation plan that fits your organization's structure and culture.

Experience the power of being understood by working with RSM. Contact us about our HITRUST CSF services today.

Risk HITRUST pathways process

RSM helps our clients with the interpretation of the ever-changing HITRUST software, framework and requirements with the following suite of services:

RSM can complete a HITRUST readiness assessment on behalf of your organization. We initiate an in-depth review and analysis of policies, procedures and documentation, interview staff and test existing processes and controls in order to fully populate the MyCSF tool and assign a maturity score to each requirement statement.

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