Secure architecture and cloud security

Designing and maturing a cross-platform secure architecture anchored in cybersecurity standards and principles.

Consulting services that help you design, deploy and mature a cross-platform secure architecture to reduce your organization’s operational risks

Today’s organizations face an environment where dependence on IT systems is higher than ever. Digitalization efficiencies and cost-reduction strategies made possible by enterprise IT systems mean there’s less reliance on people and more reliance on process automation. For many organizations, managing the automated footprint of their IT systems and associated data have proven difficult. When considering outsourcing services in light of today’s complex security environment, it’s critical for executives to implement the right strategy for their enterprise architecture and lay out a secure architecture that will adapt and grow with the organization. Security executives are ultimately best served partnering with a team that demonstrates the right balance of technical proficiency and business-oriented insight.

RSM understands the complex security challenges you face. Our specialists and engineers have the in-depth experience required to deliver secure architecture solutions that balance the complex paradigm of operational efficiency and organizational protection. We’ll advise you on the implications of your technical security risks including the business impact on your operations. We’ll collaborate with you to develop a holistic secure architecture strategy, including detailed system designs, network blueprints, strategic guidance, tactical support and personnel training. We’ll help safeguard your critical data, protect your key processes, support operations and align with your enterprise IT and business strategies. Our team will also work side by side with you to:

  • Find and retain resources with appropriate technical, management and business skills
  • Balance operational needs with managing a secure workplace
  • Securely streamline and operationalize your technology landscape
  • Identify the right combination of on-premises and public/private cloud technologies that securely support operational goals
  • Develop a secure architecture that grows and adapts as your organization matures
  • Determine which vendors and tools will best fit for your environment
  • Define areas that require—or do not require—additional security investment
  • Determine whether the most sensitive areas of your environment are truly protected
  • Proactive identification and inclusion of emerging risks into standards and design principles
  • Embed emerging protection techniques into categorical guidelines based on asset type
  • Collect the appropriate metrics to measure the effectiveness of your investment
  • Enhance capabilities to include analytics and detection of anomalous behavior

RSM has deep experience developing and deploying secure architecture solutions for middle market and Fortune 500 clients across a wide range of industries. Ultimately, a well-rounded secure architecture program guides your business and technology teams on how to appropriately secure the enterprise. The program translates risks as well as security and regulatory requirements into tactical action while taking innovative techniques into consideration to continuously refine and adapt.

Organizations benefit from our specialized experience in:

A sound foundation is paramount to the success of any architecture team, especially one anchored on standards and design principles that brings security to the forefront and continues throughout an organization’s digital transformation. Without a strong footing, an organization’s security program may lose focus and direction, wavering in its commitment

We’ll help your team remain focused on the North Star while continuing to evolve with your business. We’ll work with you on areas such as:

  • Developing forward-thinking but practical standards aligned to operations
  • Establishing business-enabled security blueprints
  • Implementing mitigation techniques for emerging risks

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