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The negative effects of cybersecurity incidents continue to plague organizations worldwide. Today’s sophisticated cybercriminals use malware, backdoors, ransomware, and other malicious tools that often defy detection. Even worse, the software you administer in your environment can be used against you by wily criminals. Unfortunately, no company is completely safe from these attacks and no single solution can protect you from every incident.

Yet there is a way to remain ever-vigilant against potential threats. The first step is understanding how your organization will detect a threat, contain it, regain control, and achieve effective remediation and recovery. With a reliable cybersecurity consulting advisor, you can enhance your cyber detection and response capabilities and get support at every step—from recognition to resolution.

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Our experienced team of cyber professionals provides targeted threat intelligence, incident response planning, cyber crisis exercising, digital forensics, cybercrime investigations, and recovery services to middle market organizations and Fortune 500 companies.

Our cyber detection and response professionals have decades of in-depth, risk-based security monitoring and response experience. We’re skilled in multiple response fields, including law enforcement, military, intelligence, and corporate investigations.

Our proprietary RSM Defense managed security operations center (SOC) offers 24/7/365 monitoring, and our Cyber Response digital forensics and incident response team offers cyber crisis management, enabling you to avoid the destabilization effects an incident can have on your business.

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