Security monitoring and response

We’ll help you develop a security monitoring strategy, assess your detection tools or manage your detection capabilities to reduce the impact of incidents and breaches.

Consulting services that help your organization detect cyberthreats and attacks in near real-time to drive an informed response and resolution

At the core of an organization’s security program is the ability to effectively monitor, detect and respond to security threats. As the central hub for threat information, the strategy, risk and architecture teams benefit from upstream and downstream telemetry to influence the overall security program and operations. A data breach or cyberattack can be a devastating event for your organization. Incidents such as ransomware attacks are increasing and can paralyze your organization for weeks, disrupting your ability to run your business and serve your clients. The efforts needed to respond to and recover from incidents can be complicated and time consuming. To protect their organization effectively, security executives must refine their detection and response capabilities, and develop and improve their incident response processes and plans. When considering outsourcing solutions to these challenges, organizations are best served by working with a trusted partner—as opposed to a service vendor—who can advise them before and after a cyberincident as well as proactively identify and remediate threat actors before the organization gets infected or re-infected by an attack.

We understand the magnitude of your complex security challenges. Our specialists have in-depth, risk-based security monitoring and response experience for the middle market, including forensics and response fields such as law enforcement, military, intelligence and corporate investigations. We’ll help you investigate the cyberincident then recommend a forensic, end-to-end solution that provides threat visibility coverage customized to your environment’s security needs. Our solutions go beyond what a traditional managed services provider typically offers, including file integrity monitoring, security configuration assessment and compliance verification and reporting. We’ll also work closely with you to ensure your security solution is cost conscious without compromising on service and is delivered and deployed on your timetable.

Our methodology to develop and deploy your security monitoring and response program includes:

Your organization’s technology footprint generates millions—if not billions—of events, any one of which may disclose clues to a potential adversary in their attempts to compromise your environment. Continuous monitoring is a must to help organizations sift through the noise and generate meaningful insights. When an incident is detected, the event should be prioritized based on criticality and risk to your organization, then appropriate notifications and escalations should be activated. Building the internal capabilities to operate a 24/7/365 security operations center is time consuming and very costly. Organizations need to weigh the costs of building in-house capabilities against the benefits of working with third-party providers who benefit from economies of scale and can provide high value at an attractive cost point.

RSM Defense, our managed security operations center (SOC), can function as your around-the-clock vigilant observer and react to threats in near real time. Our XDR platform and services cover your entire computing infrastructure, from ingesting telemetry from your PCs and mobile devices to monitoring your on-premises data center and cloud computing environments. Our team will assist you with implementing your own capabilities as well as operating your internal monitoring platforms. We’ll work with you on:

  • Identifying and classifying critical assets within your environment
  • Defining an asset management program and assisting with deployment of asset management technologies
  • Operating as your 24/7/365 security operations center, delivering XDR, MDR and vulnerability services
  • Assisting with security monitoring technologies selection, implementation and operation
  • Conducting security engineering activities such as use case definition and tuning
  • Navigating the decision to internally stand-up security operations capabilities or partner with managed security services providers
  • Providing experienced security operations analysts to support your existing operations
  • Assisting with the design, development and launch of your internal security operations center capability

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