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Your data is your advantage 

Your data is unique to your business. The insights you draw from that data should be unique, too. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) allow you to leverage your proprietary data to differentiate your business from your competitors.

Machine learning

ML allows you to run predictive and prescriptive analytics models to leverage past historical data to see trends, patterns and anomalies, predict future ramifications if those trends continue and identify the best next steps. With an increasing number of low code/no code tools, deep technical knowledge requirements and high costs of making these methods accessible to your organization are things of the past. Now, you can enable the “citizen data scientist” in your organization today and start deriving value from your data in days.

Artificial intelligence

On the AI side, you can finally automate routine manual tasks to focus on those functions with a greater impact on business goals. And new generative AI tools like OpenAI’s ChatGPT can help you transform everything from your marketing to your HR and more. RSM clients are currently averaging time to value horizons in less than eight weeks.

The true power of ML and AI is more accessible, more affordable and more powerful than ever—and all are within the reach of your middle market business.

Start with the end in mind

Many firms focus solely on technology. RSM advisors bring strong technical capabilities, deep industry knowledge and a holistic business approach that starts with the business problem, not the technology solution.

To determine whether your organization is ready to begin strategically deploying AI and ML, consider these foundational questions.

  • Are you struggling with operationalizing your analytics?
  • How can you use your data to solve your business challenges of today and tomorrow?
  • How is your organization revamping its business strategy with AI and ML?
  • What patterns, trends and outliers exist in your data today that should be influencing business decisions?
  • How are you thinking about responsibly deploying and governing analytics solutions?

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RSM’s advanced analytics services

RSM advisors enable your organization to start using your data to solve business challenges, spot patterns, trends and outliers to inform business decisions, and operationalize analytics. Some of the broad range of solutions we provide include:

We start with where you’re trying to go

Here are just some of the real-world business use cases for advanced analytics that we can deliver solutions for:

  • Customer churn analysis
  • A/B testing and experiment design
  • New product and services development
  • Hyper-personalized marketing content
  • Customer segmentation and channel distribution
  • Employee experience enhancement
  • Risk management and compliance—quickly identifying, quantifying and managing
  • Tax data analytics and reporting to provide valuable business insights
  • Customer churn analysis
  • New product and services development
  • Proactive predictive maintenance
  • Intelligent, more accurate forecasting
  • Agile siting and capacity planning
  • Risk management and compliance—quickly identifying, quantifying and managing
  • Tax data analytics and reporting to provide valuable business insights
  • Generative AI integrations and deployments, including Azure OpenAI Service
  • Access to OpenAI's language models
  • Automated security detection and prevention
  • Intelligent, more accurate forecasting
  • Agile siting and capacity planning

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