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Governance, risk and compliance models must align with and enable business strategy

Managing risk in today’s evolving business landscape presents a range of challenges for organizations. Governance, risk and compliance models must align with and enable the business strategy, so the organization avoids risk, achieves business objectives and creates value. While risk is everyone’s responsibility, not everybody knows their role or agrees on how best to implement the governance models and controls required to manage risk across the organization. An organization’s risk leaders also must keep pace to remain in compliance when making an operational change such as adopting new digital technologies that may trigger new regulatory requirements. As well, transformational events such as a merger and acquisition, a carve-out or an IPO can result in new, unanticipated risks. Leaders are best served by collaborating with a governance, risk and compliance partner with the right level of experience and expertise, including proven performance reducing costs while increasing efficiencies. The ideal partner will also serve as an extension of the organization’s team and provide guidance for holistic needs as they happen.

RSM understands the complex challenges you face. We provide the power of a global consulting firm backed by a personalized advisory approach to serving our clients. Our holistic, right-sized risk solutions combine governance and compliance, technology risk, cybersecurity and business resiliency to meet the needs of your entire organization. Our advisory team has the in-depth global experience, technical skill and industry knowledge required to truly understand what makes your business unique. Additionally, many of our specialists have extensive experience addressing industry-specific risk issues. We’ll advise you on changing regulations to keep your organization in compliance, new and evolving risks resulting from business and digital transformations, and solutions to reduce risk in an environment of increasingly sophisticated cyberthreats.

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The rapid evolution of complex regulatory requirements is constant. We’ll help you prepare for, comply with and forecast the long-term regulatory compliance and anti-money laundering (AML) regulations that affect your highly regulated operation.

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