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As middle market organizations grow, valuing their assets becomes more challenging. Requirements around fair value reporting of tangible and intangible assets can be extremely ambiguous; failing to report them accurately can lead to penalties. With mergers and acquisitions increasing and transaction structures becoming more complicated, accurate asset valuation is more critical than ever.

RSM’s full-service valuation advisory practice has the resources to meet your needs for accurate, transparent reporting. We have credentialed professionals with years of experience in business, real estate and fixed asset valuation, so you can be sure you’re appropriately measuring the value of your assets. To meet your tax and financial reporting needs, we supply reliable valuation analyses based on our deep knowledge of accounting and tax compliance issues, regulatory and industry changes and the latest business valuation developments.

RSM valuation success stories

Taking a private company public on an accelerated timeline

In order to go public, the company had to adopt new revenue recognition standards and new lease accounting standards. This was especially challenging because the company had nearly 40 decentralized operating subsidiaries.

RSM helps bring a comprehensive valuation experience to the client

One of the key services of the RSM valuation practice is to complete purchase price allocations for financial reporting purposes for business combinations. RSM was able to provide a balance of industry, technical experience, and knowledge.

Helping a BDC with relevant, reliable and timely valuations

This financial services organization chose RSM to provide valuation services for its BDC fund prior to its listing on the NASDAQ exchange, based on the team’s knowledge and understanding of the nuances of middle market leveraged loans.

Our valuation services can help you in multiple areas

Accurate valuations have always been important, but never more than now. RSM has the experience and training to help middle market companies deal with the challenges they face in today’s competitive climate.

CFIs are generally hard to value or high risk - or both. RSM’s technology-driven approach evaluates the impact of each of the instrument’s features on its overall value, giving you a comprehensive and accurate assessment almost effortlessly.

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