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Managing risk as a compliance issue is not enough. RSM can help optimize an ERM strategy that gives the deep knowledge and understanding needed to enhance strategic decision-making.

Elevating risk from a compliance factor to a value-added discipline

For middle market companies, risk has no borders. As an organization’s interests broaden, complexity naturally increases. Today, forward-thinking business leaders recognize that risk shouldn’t be viewed as a singular event, compliance issue or even a situation to avoid. Instead, enterprise risk management (ERM) proactively embraces risk as a business process, using strategy to calculate how risks are identified and aligned with organizational goals. 

Because ERM looks different at every organization, RSM uses an approach tailored to your industry issues, trends, challenges and regulatory needs. Our ultimate goal is to help your organization enhance the ability to discuss opportunities and threats in a way that will sharpen insights into strategy-setting and operational execution.

Creating an inclusive risk culture is a value-added discipline and asset to the organization. If you are looking to create an ERM program, we can help you construct an ERM framework and determine the most effective level of ERM for your organization, including communication and training for leadership, board, oversight committees and teams. If you have an existing ERM, we can help you optimize your program and get past common hurdles that organizations face, including management buy-in, enhancement of risk identification and assessment processes.

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