Regulatory recovery services

Regulatory recovery services for the health care industry

RSM's regulatory recovery services are designed to identify high-impact, Medicare cost report-related opportunities, including Medicare wage index, disproportionate share, uncompensated care/bad debts, transfer diagnosis related groups (DRG) and other related issues.

If these questions resonate with your organization, our team can help:

  • Are you certain you are capturing all pertinent information to optimize your “fair share” of Medicare reimbursement?
  • What is your current disproportionate share (DSH) process for obtaining Medicaid and supplemental security income (SSI) eligibility?
  • Is your uncompensated care on S-10 compiled in compliance with Medicare Cost Report instructions?
  • How are your traditional, crossover and charity bad debt lists compiled?
  • What is your process for recouping transfer DRG underpayments?

Critical Access Hospital reimbursement modeling tool

Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs) and other provider types with cost-based reimbursement under the Medicare program are often challenged with quantifying the impact to their future reimbursement from modifications made to their charge practices, cost structure and other related items. To assist CAHs in this effort, RSM health care consultants have developed a customizable, user-friendly CAH reimbursement modeling tool for clients to test the financial impact of a recovery audit, as well as allow for more accurate reserve setting through more frequent cost report settlement calculations.

Learn more about RSM's regulatory recovery services.

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