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A seasonal professional's experience

Balancing a love for numbers and music


RSM's Seasonal Professionals Network provides a unique career option for those who are seeking alternatives to full-year employment. Working only through traditional busy seasons, seasonal professionals are able to continue growing in their career, with the remainder of the year to pursue other interests. Julianne Hagan is a tax professional, musician and mother and she shares how she does it all through her experience as a seasonal professional at RSM.

I’ve always had a love for numbers and music, so it’s fitting that I am both an accountant and musician. Working as a seasonal professional for RSM allows me to maintain and further develop both my tax and musical skillsets during the year.

I started my career working in public accounting but took a break to raise my three daughters full time. By the time they were grown, my CPA license was inactive, and I decided to take courses to get back to active status. Around that same time, a friend told me about a seasonal opportunity at RSM. I had done my family’s taxes over the years and kept up a bit with tax law changes, but I had not worked professionally in 24 years. Despite this, I decided to apply and was soon back into the world of accounting.

After so many years, I had a lot to learn with new, sophisticated software. The people at RSM were patient, helpful and willing to answer my questions. It was extremely fulfilling to be able to use my accounting degree again and I enjoyed being a part of a team. This coming tax season will be my fifth at RSM — starting at the end of January and working through the April tax deadline.

The best part of all is the flexibility. I enjoy my accounting career, but my life is full of many other activities I love. Outside of tax season, I sing and play the piano at church and at other community events. I lead a class on Friday mornings for medical spouses and serve as a mentor and friend for younger women on the medical journey with their husbands at Mayo Clinic. Additionally, I do a lot of traveling to visit family and accompanying my husband on his medical trips across the country. I love that as a seasonal professional I can commit fully to all of my passions.

I’m very proud to tell people that I work for RSM and would recommend the seasonal professionals network to anyone who wants to get back into accounting or to step away from a traditional year-round role to have more time for other passions. For me, it’s been the perfect balance.