Mergers and acquisitions consulting for health care

As health care organizations continue to struggle with the issues of reimbursement and the costs of technology and compliance, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) have become an avenue for revenue and market share growth. How can health care organizations navigate the complexities of their M&A challenges and opportunities? RSM offers a variety of M&A consulting services for health care companies, including pre-deal valuation, due diligence and post-closing allocation, to name a few key service areas.

What can health care providers do to best position themselves in the M&A landscape?

For smaller providers like individual practices, small hospitals or medical service vendors, M&A preparation should focus on identifying the most suitable buyers that are consistent with the seller’s geography, mission statement and continuum of care. In addition, sellers should prepare for the financial and operational diligence that will be performed by potential acquirers to help secure an optimal transaction structure for the highest purchase price.

Large providers and Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) should focus on measured approaches to acquisition. For example, a community hospital acquiring a local ambulatory surgery center (ASC) may not consider future implications of an acquisition relative to joining an ACO. It's important to weigh out the ramifications of this. In addition, they should consider local demographics, disease profiles, culture and continuum of care. Also, larger providers must understand that the health care sector is overcapitalized. Assets will soon leave the sector, and acquirers will only focus on the best of the best acquisition targets.

M&A consulting from RSM helps put health care providers in the best position to move forward. Contact us to learn more about how we can advise your M&A process.

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