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February is National Black History Month


February is National Black History Month

February is widely known as a month of love. Roses, red hearts, chocolate and everyone’s favorite cherub, Cupid, line the shelves of stores in anticipation of Valentine’s Day, and restaurants offer special romantic dinners for those celebrating love.

And as fun as Valentine’s Day is, February is so much more. It’s also National Black History Month. This annual observance, which originated in the United States in 1970, provides us with an opportunity to recognize the significant contributions of the black community to the foundation, growth and prosperity United States. This time is officially recognized from the governments of the United States and Canada in February, and more recently has been observed unofficially in Ireland, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom in October.  Showcasing that people of color are instrumental to the very fabric of that binds countries together.

Throughout the month, educational institutions, centers of black culture, community centers and other groups honor the accomplishments of black Americans throughout history.

Here at RSM, our African American and Canadian Excellence (AACE) employee network group (ENG) is has several events planned or already underway across North America.  A few of those events are highlighted below:

  • Regional #HashTagLunchBag – Making and delivering meals for the homeless in various metropolitan communities
  • Community support through local churches – Teams are working in their communities through their religious organizations to help the homeless, elderly and those less fortunate by providing meals, and repairing homes.  
  • Youth mentorship – Several of our AACE members are investing their time and talent within their communities at large and mentor our youth from elementary school through college.  What better testament of our commitment than to reach back and pull up our next generation of leaders.

These are just a few of the things we’re doing to ensure that our AACE members and allies have an opportunity to celebrate this important part of our country’s heritage. Our 10 other ENGs regularly coordinate activities and educational opportunities to celebrate and recognize events and milestones important to them. It’s part of our firm’s values, and it’s embedded with our culture of inclusion. It’s the "power of being understood."

Please join us as we celebrate Black History Month.

Charles Barley
Principal, Risk Advisory Services and National Leader, African American and Canadian Excellence Employee Network Group

African American and Canadian Excellence


African American and Canadian Excellence

AACE nurtures an environment that supports RSM’s African American and Black professionals in their pursuit of professional excellence.