Culture, diversity and inclusion

Family First employee network group

Celebrating and supporting working families at RSM

Our Family First employee network group (ENG) fosters an inclusive and supportive culture for working families and caregivers—one that values and encourages different perspectives on issues important to families. The goal is for those perspectives to be taken into consideration in the employment, career development and retention efforts of diverse individuals in the workplace. Family First serves as an active voice around shared family challenges and promotes an inclusive, respectful workplace.

Family First partners with other ENGs to promote mental health and well-being, work-life flexibility and development for working parents/caregivers. Through activities and sponsorships, this ENG connects employees with family commitments to enable them to support one another, share knowledge of firm benefits and address issues in the workplace that affect families.

Inclusion Starts with I: Family First

In our “Inclusion Starts with I” series, our then-Managing Partner and CEO Joe Adams hosted candid conversations with members of our employee network groups. In this video, he talks with the national leader and other members of the Family First group.

Working Parent and Working Caregiver of the Year awards

Our Family First ENG connects employees with family commitments so they can support one another and address workplace issues that affect families. Each year, Family First sponsors awards to honor employees who successfully manage personal and professional priorities while providing exceptional experiences for our clients and for one another.

National ENG leader

Environmental, social and governance

We strive to be the middle market leader in sustainable business practices that drive positive futures for our clients, colleagues, communities and firm.

A culture of diversity, equity and inclusion

Thousands of personalities make up RSM. Every member of our team brings unique insights and a passion for serving our middle market clients. Our inclusive workplace celebrates differences, while enabling our people to take ownership of their work and personal lives.