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Value that sets us apart

RSM US Alliance empowers firms to remain independent while preserving autonomy, fostering collaboration and delivering strategic value to clients.

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Who we are

Founded in 1988 as a premier affiliation of independent accounting, consulting and professional services firms, RSM US Alliance has allowed independent member firms access to the reach and strengths of an international firm while maintaining their autonomy and entrepreneurial culture.

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What we do

Our core purpose is to engage a community of high-performing professional services firms and address the unique and evolving needs of their organizations, clients and people by advancing capabilities and cultivating a strong desire to collaborate.

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Why we do it

We create more value together than we do apart. By combining the power of our community with intentional collaboration efforts, we increase opportunities for growth and strategic value to our organizations.

How our experiences create value

The RSM US Alliance team is aligned around three experiences. Our structure ensures dedicated resources within RSM are focused on evolving and continually enhancing the member experience.

We engage professionals across the Alliance community to connect as peers and thought partners, deepening trust and accelerating learning, and enhancing competencies.

The Leaders Conference is an annual in-person event in May that engages more than 450 members, RSM professionals, and strategic partners. Members can anticipate a dynamic general session lineup, led by influential thought leaders, and explore a wide range of business solutions. Ample opportunities are available for leaders to engage in roundtable sessions, fostering accelerated learning and the exchange of best practices.

The Advisors Conference is an annual virtual event in October that brings together more than 1000 growth-minded client service professionals who want to enrich their expertise and deepen client relationships.

We host over 30 peer group meetings, workshops, virtual roundtables and educational sessions throughout the year to inspire camaraderie and build connections among members.

We serve as a first-choice advisor to our member organizations enabling them to implement innovative, industry-leading solutions that expand their capabilities.

By actively listening to our members’ concerns, we align our efforts to address their key challenges. We are focused on helping firms create capacity with their teams and identify innovative solutions that can drive their success. To accomplish this, we collaborate with the business and professional services industry team ensuring we deliver solutions that set the industry standard for our ecosystem.

RSM Advantage GPO, our group purchasing organization, helps member firms leverage better pricing and account representation from suppliers of different products and services through the combined purchasing power of RSM and our community of members. This allows firms to save money, time, and resources to meet the growing needs of their company.

We facilitate collaboration that makes us stronger going to market together by enabling us to deliver more robust services and solutions that meet our client’s complex business challenges.

There is a significant benefit for our member firms and RSM when we collaborate. We both benefit from increased growth when we collaborate which comes from driving new opportunities we wouldn't have without the other. We also benefit from building additional relationships between our firms.  The more relationships and better understanding we have of each other and our services the more opportunity we have for collaboration.

Collaboration gives member firms the ability to offer a larger portfolio of services to their clients, keeping other firms out that may approach their clients with those same services.  For RSM, when conflicted services arise, there is a natural channel for referral to our member firms, instead of having clients send that work to a competitor.

By the numbers

The RSM US Alliance takes our relationships with member firms seriously. We curate an intimate community to ensure that there is a cultural fit, client & market alignment, subject matter capabilities and core competencies. This analysis ensures that the RSM US Alliance is creating an ecosystem of firms that add accretive value to the community as a whole. 

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We bring an unmatched personalized focus to every interaction, meeting people where they are to help them reach their goals.

We build rich, enduring relationships based on a profound understanding of our clients, colleagues and communities, as well as their goals and aspirations. And, we bring diverse ideas and insights to help them reach greater heights.