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Celebrating dads


Family First. It’s the name of one of RSM’s 11 employee-led employee network groups (ENGs), and the name really does say it all: family comes first. Always. 

At RSM, we know that our 10,000 people nationwide have varying wants, needs and interests – in terms of both their work lives and their personal lives. And we strive to offer the support and encouragement our people need to succeed. We know that balancing the demands of work and family can sometimes be challenging. That’s one of the reasons we focus so much on flexibility and inclusion, and one of the reasons our ENGs exist. They serve as a platform for our people to share ideas and interests and to help us learn about one another’s unique circumstances. And our Family First ENG is focused on helping one another balance the demands of both work and family.

This year, as we take time to honor the colleagues, friends and family members who play the special role of “Dad”, we’ll be introducing our first-ever “Man in the Land of ‘And’” Family First photo contest. (What does the “Land of And” mean? We all operate in multiple roles; we’re not “this OR that” – an employee OR a father, for example, but “this AND that” – an employee AND a father, for example.) Additionally, our offices across the country will be celebrating the fathers in our lives in their own special ways. 

I’m proud to serve as the national leader for our Family First ENG and, on behalf of our members and the rest of our 10,000 people nationwide, I’d like to wish all of the dads out there a very Happy Father’s Day!

Katie Schuhow
Senior Manager, Financial Services and National Leader, Family First Employee Network Group

Family First


Family First

Family First serves as an active voice around shared family challenges and promoting an inclusive, respectful workplace.