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Designing and planning for your organization’s single billing office


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As health care organizations across the nation invest in integrated health information systems, many executives are contemplating moving toward a single patient billing platform and implementing a single billing office (SBO). An SBO enables patients to receive one comprehensive statement with patient balances across all network services and provides a central contact point to support all patient billing and customer service needs. The value proposition for organizations is two-fold: SBO improves patient satisfaction through simplified billing and customer service interactions, and also allows for cost savings and workflow efficiencies in the patient revenue cycle operations through standardized internal controls, policies and process management in a single office setting. 

Key to successful SBO implementation includes understanding the scale of change, and degree of work effort and professional guidance. Organizations that successfully complete this journey with the right support can realize the considerable benefits of enhanced patient experience and improved patient retention, in addition to operational efficiencies in the patient revenue cycle.

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