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Businesses with sales and use tax obligations in multiple states have one simple objective: pay the right tax to the right authority at the right time. With thousands of distinct sales and use taxes levied nationwide, ensuring accuracy at all levels is both daunting and time consuming. Customers have the right to expect to be taxed correctly and companies have the responsibility to provide precise order processing and billing. It’s no wonder middle market businesses typically spend untold hours trying to manage sales and use compliance and still not have full confidence in their filing accuracy.  

Automated software helps remove uncertainty in sales and use filings. Beyond the hard costs associated with compliance audits, sales and use tax automation systems are cost effective because they help free up personnel and resources, allowing them to focus on the core business and key profit opportunities.  

But which software is best for your company? The RSM state and local tax software team can help identify the most effective sales and use tax automation software for your company, define your internal processes, simplify filing processes and configure available technology to achieve optimal results. With RSM’s assistance, you can minimize compliance burden and increase confidence that you’re properly meeting tax liabilities and are limiting audit exposure.   

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Intangible assets can create nexus in unexpected places. Is your company collecting and remitting the proper sales tax?

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