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Investors and enthusiasts navigating the complex world of digital assets can hit unexpected roadblocks when trying to account for tax obligations associated with those assets. For years, you had to rely on do-it-yourself technology designed for retail that was often not reviewed by certified public accountants, nor was it suited for large-scale business operations. That arrangement was error-prone and inefficient, especially when trying to mitigate risk for enterprises like family offices and alternative investment funds.

When you engage RSM to manage your tax advisory and compliance needs, our experienced team of blockchain professionals leverage our RSM DigitalTracker service to help you mitigate risk, gain efficiencies and manage compliance at scale no matter the volume or complexity of the underlying transactions. Our blockchain team simplifies this process while incorporating specialized knowledge of tax positions from our Washington National Tax professionals. This solution also integrates seamlessly with our other tools, such as FamilySight® and PartnerSight®, to ensure you have an automated suite of technology that meets your needs.

RSM DigitalTracker makes your digital asset reporting more efficient by ingesting unstructured data, standardizing and aggregating this data for reporting and tax purposes, and generating the relevant tax forms and reports as well as accompanying tax guidance from our digital asset tax professionals.

We combine people, processes and technology to bring you a software-enabled service that fits your needs and earns your trust.

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When it comes to tax planning and compliance, clarity is needed for digital assets. In preparation for this year’s filing season, our Washington National Tax professionals can demonstrate how—even in the face of ongoing regulatory changes—managing compliance at scale is possible.

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