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How to be a rock star tax executive

A guide to shining as the leader of your organization’s tax function

Nov 17, 2023
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Tax executives are ready to rock as they see how business is evolving. They see opportunity not just for their respective organizations but for their teams as well.

Digital transformation, increasing structural complexities, heightened regulations, remote work, macroeconomic cycles, geopolitical unrest—as businesses contend with each factor, a tax executive’s strategic input is crucial to managing costs and risks, creating efficiencies and turning reliable data into actionable insights.

Fortunately, your organization needs you to be that change agent. After all, what juice is there in manual data processes and form filling? How rewarding is it to fight to recruit and retain staff or agonize over tax law changes and outdated technology?

If you’re like most tax executives, you strive to be a strategic contributor. For you, planning is more enjoyable and fulfilling than compliance. You want to facilitate growth, mitigate risk, find efficiencies and enhance cash flow. Those outcomes fuel your sense of accomplishment, not to mention your peers’ recognition of your work.

If I had a small tax department, I wouldn't want to allocate my resources to compliance and mundane tasks. The focus would be more valuable on incentives, high quality data, and ensuring the best global tax structure and policies.
Michael Gemellaro, Partner, RSM US LLP; former corporate tax executive

RSM has created this guide to help you earn the seat you covet at your organization’s strategic table and to empower you to focus on the rewarding parts of your role as a tax executive.

The guide is organized into six areas central to your personal success in the tax executive’s role and function within your organization.

Spotlight on growth


How do I position my tax department to support enterprise growth and business objectives?

Spotlight on risk


How do I effectively manage tax risks?

Spotlight on resources


How can I ensure my tax department has the budget and staff to support the enterprise and enable me to focus on adding value?

Spotlight on cash flow

Cash flow

How do I minimize my organization’s tax burden and increase cash flow?

Spotlight on policy


How do I stay on top of tax policy developments that affect my organization?

Spotlight on compliance


How do I ensure tax compliance while focusing on my interests in tax planning and business strategy?

Each section describes:

  • Best practices or action items
  • Relevant insights about technology
  • The value of working with a trusted advisor

Access the guide now to learn how to be a rock star tax executive