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High volumes of data. Disparate systems. Constant regulatory changes. The challenges facing your tax department are many and the solutions available, even greater.

Select, implement and optimize the right tax technology with RSM. Then watch as your tax department does more with less—more analysis, less grunt work. Whether you’re just starting, you’ve created a technology roadmap but not yet deployed it or you’re a tech buff who’s implemented successful tools in the past, we’re here to help your team take the next step in your digital transformation.

RSM is the leader in middle market proprietary tax technologies and platforms:

  • PartnerSight® – the revolutionary allocation and tiering platform that turns tax into a value-center for partnerships
  • FamilySight®– the family office dashboard software that enables strategic planning by integrating real-time data
  • CorporateSight® – the all-in-one tax compliance and provision platform that recognizes the tax department is at the heart of corporate business intelligence

With a suite of pre-built, configurable technology tools, RSM can also help you capitalize on familiar platforms including Alteryx, Asana, Tableau, and Microsoft Power Platform – Apps, Automate, and BI. For example, we can help you use automation to simplify:

  • Direct and indirect tax data acquisition and cleansing complexities
  • Global information reporting compliance
  • Global trade and supply chain tax planning
  • Tax audit and reverse audit support

If you don’t know where to start, let us help identify your first steps and build your ongoing roadmap through our Tax Automation Opportunity Scan. Still unsure if your internal tax team can support such advanced technologies? RSM’s tax technology professionals can help train and upskill your team for long-term support of your tax technology tools. And, if you’ve got something else in mind for your business’s tax transformation that you don’t see here, our range of customizable bespoke solutions can make it happen. We’ll consult with you to better understand the barriers blocking your goals, then ideate right-fit solutions to achieve them.

RSM tax technology consulting services are scaled to the needs of the middle market like no other advisor. We understand that tax leaders need to tell—and sell—the story of how technology can improve the whole organization.



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Regardless of how you stack your strategic tax priorities—growth, risk, resources, cash flow, policy, or compliance—RSM’s latest guide, “How to be a rock star tax executive,” is designed to help you shine as the leader of your organization’s tax function.

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