TRαDE: RSM’s tax reporting and alpha discovery engine

Tax innovation for traders

TRαDE: The next evolution of tax analysis for securities trading

TRαDE, which stands for tax reporting and alpha discovery engine, is RSM’s proprietary, cloud-based tax platform that handles the most common tax timing and character concerns encountered during the trading of securities.

Traditionally, tax preparers would analyze tax calculations in separate and distinct steps, leaving traders to make investment decisions using inaccurate calculations of tax ramifications.

With TRαDE, an integrated approach supports a contemporaneous, tax-sensitized view of the portfolio. This enhances compliance, ensures accurate tax calculations and enables tax-efficient decisions about trades.

TRαDE has revolutionized the tax compliance function from a cost center to a value-creation center by providing portfolio managers with real-time tax data and in-depth analytics. TRαDE, with its standard yet flexible design, provides simple answers to complex tax rules and trade ramifications for:

TRαDE provides unparalleled benefits, including:

Integrated analysis

The TRαDE application takes tax technical accuracy to the next level through an integrated analysis approach.

Access to critical tax data to make trade decisions

Actionable reporting and analytics are now accessible to help traders make tax-efficient trading decisions to achieve tax alpha.

Real-time reporting and accessibility

TRαDE provides traceable and auditable reporting to provide enhanced visibility for all stakeholders.

Synergy with RSM tax technology solutions

The TRαDE platform seamlessly integrates with other RSM proprietary tax solutions, including PartnerSight and CorporateSight®.

Ready to see TRαDE in action? Simply request a demo with our TRαDE professionals or watch this video.

TRαDE seamlessly integrates with other RSM tax technology solutions, including:

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