See your tax department in a whole new light with CorporateSight

Nov 29, 2021

Simplify corporate tax with compliance and provision technology

Corporate tax complexity puts you in the position to make tough judgment calls on tight deadlines—and more calculations and more spreadsheets mean more room for error.

RSM’s CorporateSight is the all-in-one tax compliance and provision platform that recognizes the tax department is at the heart of business intelligence. CorporateSight streamlines fragmented procedures, pulling data from disparate locations onto a single platform that can be customized to your needs.

Quickly visualize what’s driving your effective tax rate, understand your return and provision variances, track foreign data collection packages, manage projects, and share insights with your internal tax team and your RSM tax service providers simultaneously.

Easy-to-read dashboards keep you out of spreadsheets and reduce manual tasks, minimizing risk and allowing you to focus on the high-level planning and financial leadership to drive your organization forward.

CorporateSight facilitates collaboration throughout all levels of your organization and across the entire tax lifecycle. Rely on your RSM tax team, led by an engagement leader who understands your strategy and delivers tech-enabled services.

Leverage powerful new technology to lighten your load and enable the tax department of the future with CorporateSight.