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Transfer pricing and international success

An educational podcast series


Transfer pricing is a vital and evolving challenge for companies with multinational footprints. The intercompany policies and agreements you establish to determine how your expenses and profits are allocated amongst the jurisdictions in which you operate play a key role in determining your global tax exposure. Transfer pricing is both a vital international tax planning opportunity and key risk.

Transfer pricing is important, but it’s not easy. Tax regimes and enforcement practices change from country to country—and they continually evolve. Having the right transfer pricing plan in place and then thoroughly documenting the myriad transactions that your operations generate can make the difference between an effective and efficient international tax program that accurately reflects your results and controls both your risks and your tax burden or a poorly planned and insufficiently documented program that leaves you exposed to significant risks.

Our transfer pricing audiocast series provides a solid overview of the issues you should consider.

Audiocast: Transfer pricing planning

This 8-minute session provides an overview of transfer pricing planning issues and will help you answer three key questions:

  • Do you have a supportable transfer pricing policy?
  • Are your transfer pricing decisions well documented?
  • Can you explain any exceptions to your policy?

Audiocast: Transfer pricing implementation

This 7-minute session outlines the key issues involved in implementing your transfer pricing plan. This podcast will help you understand:

  • The process for effectively implementing a transfer pricing plan
  • Organizational, system and other challenges you must overcome when implementing your plan
  • Transfer pricing implementation issues of particular interest to the middle market

Audiocast: Transfer pricing audits

This 8-minute session lays out the current transfer pricing audit environment and how your company can be ready should an audit arise. The podcast explains:

  • Recent IRS changes to their transfer pricing audit approach
  • Steps you should take to be prepared for a transfer pricing audit
  • The information and documentation you must be prepared to deliver quickly if audited

Audiocast: When to refresh a transfer pricing study

This 4-minute session outlines the frequency with which companies should update their transfer pricing studies. The podcast explains:

  • Interpretation of 'contemporaneous documentation'
  • Which transactions indicate a new transfer pricing study is needed
  • When taxpayers should revisit their transfer pricing

Audiocast: Commonly asked transfer pricing questions

This 12-minute session provides answers to commonly asked questions that multinational companies have about transfer pricing. Questions answered include:

  • What is transfer pricing?
  • What are the international tax risks associated with transfer pricing?
  • What is the transfer pricing compliance process?
  • How do companies address transfer pricing of intangible assets?
  • What transfer pricing opportunities and risks are often overlooked?

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