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Today, international tax issues are more complex than ever before. Multinational middle market companies could be required to file taxes in more than 170 jurisdictions, often relying on overburdened in-house tax departments that lack international expertise. And tax departments must handle these challenges while staying current with changing global regulations and deadlines, managing a ceaseless flood of data and dealing with disparate systems in all parts of the globe. It’s stressful, complicated and a recipe for tax trouble. Without proper assistance, you could incur penalties for noncompliance in foreign jurisdictions.

To help you surmount these difficulties, we’ve developed a comprehensive, technology-based program to address your international tax issues. Our program aggregates and simplifies data, so you can share it quickly with tax departments for tax planning and action steps. We build turnkey solutions tailored to your exact needs, using our proprietary technologies and modular, configurable tools to make your tax practice faster, more organized, and more efficient. A solid tax planning strategy can ease expansion into new markets, positioning you for international mergers and acquisitions activity. 

We understand the importance of getting taxes right. Our experience, technological expertise, and ability to understand your specific challenges will help you move forward with confidence. Because, while we scale our international tax solutions to the needs of the middle market, they’re unparalleled in any market.

International tax technology services

The right technology can revolutionize your international tax operations; we automate routine tasks so your people can focus on work that’s meaningful. Adding value is what we do. Here’s how we do it.

Will offshore investors receive tax forms that are accurate, timely and in compliance? RSM’s automated review and validation process for key forms ensures that they will, while it drives tax savings, reduces risk and generates confidence.

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