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Transfer pricing can be a tax minefield. RSM provides strategies for end-to-end protection

We help you tame the risks in transfer pricing

As governments become more aggressive in their pursuit of tax revenue, middle market organizations with international operations face serious risks related to transfer pricing taxes. Regulatory authorities are focusing on multinational companies, and the number of transfer pricing audits is expected to rise. The risks of non-compliance have never been higher.

We believe the best way to avoid these tax compliance risks is to establish a holistic, end-to-end transfer pricing process, one that draws the wider chain of activities together in a well-defined set of procedures. We analyze, evaluate and document the way your organization determines pricing for products, services and intangibles (e.g., trademarks, patents, copyrights) transferred between related companies. Working with you, we develop and implement transfer pricing strategies to minimize risk and tax exposure while meeting transfer pricing documentation requirements in foreign jurisdictions.

There’s more to transfer pricing than you might realize

Transfer pricing touches many business areas for multinational organizations with cross-border activities. RSM’s effective planning can help reduce your risk and increase your efficiency.

Multinational organizations often find themselves under a mounting regulatory burden related to their intercompany pricing. RSM’s operational transfer pricing (OTP) provides an end-to-end framework to streamline and reduce the cost of compliance.

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