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Transfer pricing touches many areas of businesses engaged in activities that cross taxing jurisdictions. As governments become more aggressive in their pursuit of tax revenue, businesses with international or interstate operations will face not only increased risk but also increased opportunity when it comes to their transfer pricing life cycle. Regulatory authorities are focusing on related-party transactions, and the number of transfer pricing audits is expected to rise.

What’s different about RSM’s approach?

We believe the best way to avoid tax compliance risks is to establish a holistic, end-to-end transfer pricing process—one that draws the wider chain of activities together into a well-defined set of procedures. We analyze, evaluate and document the way your organization determines pricing for products, services and intangibles (e.g., trademarks, patents, copyrights) transferred between related companies. Working with you, we develop and implement transfer pricing strategies to minimize risk and tax exposure while meeting transfer pricing documentation requirements of the relevant tax jurisdictions.

How can RSM’s transfer pricing services help you now and in the future?

Minimize risk, navigate audits and manage adjustments strategically 

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