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Few middle market organizations have the resident tax skills or technology to manage a global employment program successfully. RSM has both. See how we can help you.

Taking the stress out of global employment taxation

When you have employees working in foreign jurisdictions, your tax responsibilities are exponentially more complex. In addition to corporate and individual tax risks, you may confront immigration, payroll and social taxes. Without a dedicated global tax team, one with deep expertise in your markets and industry, you can run afoul of local regulations, and errors can be expensive.

RSM's Global Employer Services (GES) team supports companies and their globally mobile employees though the many complexities that arise when employers send a workforce across borders. Whether employees are short term business travelers, international remote workers, on a temporary assignment or a permanent transfer, it takes a disciplined strategy to contain costs and support employees from the planning phase through repatriation. We’re here to help guide your company and employees through the web of cross-border tax regulations inherent in international business.

RSM can help you meet your tax planning, compliance and reporting demands across your international activities

Every jurisdiction has a unique set of rules and regulations. We coordinate with our tax professionals around the globe to provide a seamless experience across borders.

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