Tax Compliance

International tax compliance is a full-time job.

Doing business around the world can bring compliance challenges and hurdles with each country having its own set of  specialized rules and regulations. RSM’s global compliance and reporting solutions provide timely, high-quality responses to the complex tax return and information-reporting requirements of international business and investment activity. Our international tax professionals work seamlessly across borders with their counterparts around the world to help you avoid significant penalties for noncompliance and maintain the most tax-favored position.

Tax compliance work goes hand in hand with other tax advisory services to bring you a comprehensive approach to international tax planning. Beyond timely, accurate compliance services, we advise clients on the following:

  • Examining the risks and challenges presented by foreign and domestic tax laws to minimize cross-border disputes
  • Exploring foreign tax structures to lessen the risk of double taxation
  • Establishing the appropriate entity to achieve tax savings under export tax-incentive programs
  • Maintaining tax transparency in light of the BEPS Action Plan

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