Change Enablement Advisory

Accelerate your future with transformational change management

To keep pace with competitors, or set the pace, middle market companies often need transformational change that goes across the enterprise, multiple business units and sometimes globally throughout the organization. Organizational change management is a process that allows your company to achieve the financial and nonfinancial benefit targets of any transformational change investment more quickly.

RSM can help your company successfully implement and adapt to significant change within your environment. We increase speed to value. We spend a lot of time diagnosing investment strategies and business cases to ensure that we understand your company’s business area goals. We translate that into finding the employee behaviors needed to attain those results as soon as possible.

In the marketplace today, more and more companies have been building organizational change management capabilities internally than in the past. RSM is focused on offering your company a solution that is customizable and scalable based on your internal organizational change management capability.

Organizations that undertake transformational change projects often fail. The top two reasons for this failure are ineffective leadership and problems with the way the program is managed from a governance perspective. Change management support from RSM addresses sponsor effectiveness and helps ensure the right governance processes are in place to deliver the business case that was originally intended.

How can we help you?

When you work with us, you can expect role clarity, mutual accountability, common governance and consistent tools. We have a flexible approach when it comes to who will own and drive, and who will advise and guide. Our delivery milestone agreements include not only required deliverables, but also plans for what success looks like. The tools provided by RSM can be reused by your company for future organizational change initiatives.

Organizational change management from RSM can be provided as a stand-alone solution, if your company is already using other third-party integrators for implementation purposes, or it can be combined with one of our technology or process solutions, such as enterprise resource planning implementations, process reengineering, or mergers and acquisitions. Our approach can be adapted to accommodate waterfall or agile delivery methods.