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The power of digital transformation at Equinox


“Digital has allowed us to simplify the way we have operated our business… Our approach is not to be a digital business; it is to implement physical and digital such that they complement each other.”  

-Samir Desai, chief technology officer, Equinox

Equinox is a luxury fitness company with a large portfolio of lifestyle brands. Founded in 1991, Equinox has been an industry leader in innovation and has leveraged digital solutions to elevate its customer experience, enhance operational efficiency and increase revenue. 

Together with RSM, Equinox has tackled major digital challenges and has built a foundation for digital success as it rapidly grows its brand worldwide. From developing an app to engage and expand its membership, to enhancing its retail point of sale (POS) systems, Equinox has leveraged digital to create environments where physical and digital experiences complement each other to elevate brand experience.  

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