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Senior Living Health Care Connection: New survey process need-to-know


The new survey process for long-term care providers was implemented on Nov. 28 across the entire country. This survey process is a combination of the traditional survey process and the quality indicator survey process. The new survey approach is an automated process that records findings and synthesizes those findings allowing for increased structure that ensures consistency in the survey process and also allows greater surveyor autonomy to make decisions.

One new requirement based on interpretative guidelines for Tag F655 is the requirement for the creation of a baseline care plan. Facilities must develop and implement a care plan within 48 hours of admission for each resident. This care plan must contain a minimum of health care information to properly care for the resident and ensure continuity of care, communication among facility staff and increased resident safety. The initial plan is based on admission orders which include physician orders, dietary orders, therapy services and social services. The baseline care plan must also include resident goals and objectives, current medications, dietary instructions, and services and treatments to be administered by the facility, including therapy services. In addition to the baseline care plan, the facility must provide a summary of the plan written in clearly understandable terms and present the summary to the resident or representative by completion of the comprehensive care plan. The summary of the baseline care plan must contain at a minimum:

  • Initial resident goals
  • Summary of resident’s medications
  • Dietary instructions
  • Services and treatments administered by facility staff and contracted staff
  • Any updated information based on the comprehensive care plan

The new survey process will investigate the baseline care plan to determine if objectives were completed within 48 hours of admission and that a summary of that plan was provided to the resident or representative upon completion of the comprehensive care plan. Facilities are encouraged to remind staff members who are involved in the creation of the baseline care plan to sign and date the initial plan and if changes are needed prior to the comprehensive care plan, those changes must also be signed and dated without removing the date of the original baseline care plan.

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