Cybersecurity consulting services for health care organizations

Every device on a network represents a security risk. In the IoT (Internet of Things), medical devices, while vitally important to health care organizations, can be a highly susceptible endpoint and may represent a risk to the organization’s network and data, and to patient lives and clinical outcomes. Although the vulnerabilities have existed for some time, medical device cybersecurity is just now rapidly gaining attention as organizations mature their security capabilities and address regulatory guidance, which includes a mixture of requirements and recommendations. For example, in order to meet the HIPAA security rule requirements, a health care organization must assess risk and manage security for all technology assets that touch electronic protected health information, including medical devices. 

RSM is ready to help. Our comprehensive medical device security practice can address your needs by providing risk analysis, technical security evaluation and governance assessment. Our methodology is supported by advanced software that will scan your environment, inventory your devices and report on vulnerabilities, at a point in time or continuously.

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To start your analysis and determine your security needs, consider the following questions: 

  • What are the main security risks related to your medical devices?
  • How often should you scan your medical devices for security vulnerabilities?
  • What policies and procedures need to be in place to manage your medical device security risk?
  • How do you integrate medical devices into your IT asset inventory and risk analysis?
  • How do you design your network to fully enable the needed clinical capabilities while minimizing your exposure to security threats?

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