PartnerSight solutions for partnership tax planning

Transform the tax function from cost center to value-creation center.

PartnerSight solutions for partnership tax reporting

PartnerSight is the tax tiering solution partnerships have been waiting for

Today, tax departments in partnership organizations are pushed almost to the breaking point. There’s more data to process more quickly, often manually with Excel spreadsheets. Investors are demanding more transparency and faster K-1 delivery. Regulations and deadlines keep changing. And the tax function itself is seen as a cost center.

That’s why RSM developed PartnerSight®, the industry’s leading allocation, and tiering platform. More than a product, PartnerSight is a prescriptive innovation model that builds in new features regularly—especially industry-specific and state capabilities—to bring partnerships an entire family of answers to the complex tax issues they face. 

With configurable dashboards that provide insights across and within your funds, PartnerSight provides real-time tax data transparently, in formats you can use. It automates manual tasks, generates K-1s in seconds, and gives transparency to your limited partners, meeting their demands for security and reliability. And CFOs know that in RSM, they have a service provider they can count on.

With PartnerSight, you can:

  • Move beyond Excel with customizable reports that improve data transparency and get visualization flexible enough for all structures and allocations.
  • Set up interactive organization charts that auto-generate as data is calculated, so you can see income flow from upper to lower tier.
  • Clone data sets for tax planning and scenario generation and view your possible tax consequences at a moment’s notice.

PartnerSight is revolutionizing state and local tiering through automated workflow solutions and data transformation tools. The result: Hundreds or more tax department hours saved to spend on the high-value work that your business needs.

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We designed PartnerSight to give all middle market partnerships access to the latest technology. As long as there’s innovation, we’ll keep developing. That’s why it’s unlike anything else.

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