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Partnership technology services

PartnerSight complements your tax compliance and consulting services, adding value at every step.

Partnerships have many tax advantages, but they come at a cost: complexity. The larger and more complex the partnership, the more challenging it becomes to track and comply with ever-changing tax regulations and filing deadlines. Further, tax teams are commonly overwhelmed by the volume of data that requires manual processing—multiple steps that allow for errors at each touch point. Now, there is an application that makes partnership tax compliance more efficient, more accurate and more valuable.

RSM’s proprietary partnership tax technology, PartnerSight, revolutionizes partnership tiering and allocation. It’s a cloud-based approach to tax compliance services that you haven’t seen before. Employing advanced data analytics to provide customizable solutions for partnership tax reporting, PartnerSight takes your tax services to the next level.

PartnerSight powers multiple services for the middle market

Built to handle partnerships of all types, PartnerSight provides advantages and efficiencies across all your tax operations.

Obtaining data is one challenge––getting the most from it is another. PartnerSight’s analytics transform data into tax-ready information that guides better decisions.

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