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Simplify your state and local tax preparation burdens with advanced, easy-to-use technology solutions from RSM

Using technology to simplify SALT

Few challenges are more daunting for a company’s tax department than state tax allocations and calculations. The calculations must be performed individually for each state and every state has different regulations and multiple deadlines.  

To get the assistance they need in managing state taxes, many organizations turn to RSM. We provide end-to-end solutions, using proprietary platforms unavailable elsewhere and ready-to-go configurable tools built on Power BI, Asana, Alteryx and other recognizable platforms. Our solutions are custom created to your specifications, with third-party products integrated seamlessly.  

RSM can help you evaluate technology options for indirect and direct tax, compare pre-built configurable tools for project management and collaboration, and identify the benefits of proprietary or custom-built technologies for other needs. Once the technology is selected, we help you implement and optimize it and provide ongoing support.  

Our state tax technology is particularly valuable in situations such as expansions into new cities or states, changes in business operations, IPO/SPAC reviews of tax processes and technology and when considering finance transformation programs. We utilize the latest advancements in artificial intelligence, natural language processing and machine learning and build solutions to your specifications. The truth is that while our technology solutions are scaled to the needs of the middle market, they’re unparalleled in any market.    

Modular, configurable tools for customized solutions

From top to bottom, first step to last, RSM helps you drive digital transformation for a more efficient tax function and a more sustainable future

It’s important that your transformation is built on solid infrastructure. RSM partners with Avalara, Vertex and other leading developers of tax technology to offer you solutions for your state tax needs.

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