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RSM can help you address new technology risks as your business and security needs evolve.

Technology risk consulting services that help you address and resolve new technology risks as your business and security needs change

As organizations expand, evolve and innovate, they face a range of risks when adopting third-party technologies. Enhancements such as transitioning their platform to the cloud will increase efficiency and productivity—but may also create unanticipated risks such as breaches from cybercriminals. Even as the organization grows, budget restrictions may prevent investment in internal resources or advanced technology to help manage emerging risks. An additional challenge for leadership is making sure their security program is relevant and updated as cyberattacks become more sophisticated. When considering outsourcing their security program management, leadership is best served by collaborating with a technology risk partner with the right level of experience and expertise, including proven performance reducing costs while increasing efficiencies. The ideal partner will also serve as an extension of the organization’s IT/security team and provide guidance for holistic needs as they happen.

RSM understands the complex challenges you face to protect your technical infrastructure. We provide the power of a global consulting firm backed by a personalized advisory approach to serving our clients. Our holistic, right-sized solutions combine governance and compliance, technology risk, cybersecurity and business resiliency to meet the needs of your entire organization. Our advisory team has the in-depth global experience, technical skill and industry knowledge required to truly understand what makes your business unique. Additionally, many of our security specialists have extensive experience addressing risk issues related to digital transformations such as cloud transitions for most major industries.

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Companies are rapidly moving to the cloud. But they may not anticipate the full level of risk involved. We’ll advise you on risk management solutions to optimize your transition to the cloud or verify if your current cloud configuration is secured correctly.

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