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Tailored solutions for streamlining compliance and mitigating risk

A sustainable, risk-based approach to Sarbanes-Oxley compliance

Many public companies—and those intending to go public—know they must comply with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX) but don’t fully appreciate the volume, cost and complexity of those demands. Internal teams can quickly become overwhelmed with critical and essential Sarbanes-Oxley requirements, especially at companies that lack the resources to staff a dedicated SOX team. But considering the high cost of non-compliance, getting your SOX program right is crucial.

RSM has the right people, processes and technology to help you get Sarbanes-Oxley compliance right. Our SOX advisors have deep industry experience and employ a modernized framework and a sustainable, risk-based approach. We’ve developed testing methodologies designed to reduce the risk of financial misstatements, mitigate risk and decrease potential scrutiny from external auditors. And by leveraging data analytics, process mining and automation, we can improve efficiency, accelerate compliance execution and ease the burden on your internal teams.

Customizing a SOX function to suit your business

Before diving into your Sarbanes-Oxley program, RSM advisors learn about your organization’s broader business priorities, processes and challenges. We can then help design solutions that work for your company’s unique environment and are created to scale as your business grows and evolves.

If you don’t yet have a SOX compliance strategy, we can build a framework that increases efficiency, reduces your team’s workload and minimizes risk. If you already have a plan in place, we can assess your existing program and suggest changes to improve its efficacy and efficiency. Regardless of your organization’s size or where you are in your SOX compliance journey, RSM can help.

Our managed service approach

Minimize your internal team’s SOX efforts with our SOX managed service offering. This offering is quick to stand up and deploy and utilizes automation to streamline information, which results in less time and effort required from your personnel. Our digitally enabled solutions to SOX compliance also deliver real-time, data-driven insights for process improvement. Plus, you’ll also have just-in-time access to SOX specialists who can share thought leadership and best practices with stakeholders and external auditors.

Sarbanes-Oxley compliance services


Augment your SOX function with our co-sourcing or staff augmentation services. Our advisors can deliver the resources and experience needed to strengthen your program and support your efforts. They will work with you to execute your program using your existing methodology while also providing leading practice insights, and you’ll also benefit from our experience with the latest skills, methodologies and perspectives.


Take the pressure off your team with our comprehensive SOX outsourcing services. Our advisors work with your team to transform compliance functions with innovative automation solutions while identifying financial reporting risks and developing efficient mitigation strategies. We can also unlock value beyond compliance, including improved efficiency, reduced internal workload and accelerated compliance execution, all using our proven methodology.


Streamline your SOX compliance efforts and enhance your internal control framework with our optimization program. Our deep experience in emerging topics, the regulatory landscape and digitally enabled auditing helps us assess your current SOX program. After we identify gaps and controls, we identify rationalization and automation opportunities that result in a more efficient and effective control environment.


Support success from the start with our SOX readiness services for pre-initial public offering and newly public companies. Taking a risk-based approach to developing and executing a SOX compliance road map, our advisors can help you strike the right balance between cost of compliance and risk mitigation.

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