Credit risk services

RSM’s customized solutions are designed to maintain an effective credit risk management function, helping you gain confidence in your financial institution’s approach to credit risk.

Delivering a customized approach to credit risk management

Many financial institutions struggle carrying out credit risk management activities because they lack the available workforce to manually review and document critical processes. Despite facing these operational and resource constraints, deploying a comprehensive credit review function remains one of the most effective activities within the credit risk management framework.

RSM’s credit risk solutions are designed and delivered by a team of qualified and diverse credit risk professionals including former regulators, credit analysts, lenders, chief credit officers and CPAs. With this deep understanding of the unique credit risk issues your financial institution faces, we are well positioned to streamline your review and implementation processes for greater efficiency and confidence.

We can work as an extension of your team to:

  • Deliver credit review services through outsourcing and co-sourcing engagements
  • Design a credit risk framework customized to the needs and risk profile of your organization
  • Produce meaningful risk recommendations through our flexible loan level focused methodology
  • Realize the benefits of a tool designed to automate your credit reviews through our advanced proprietary technology platform, Credit Review Assistant

By using our credit risk services and solutions, you can gain confidence in your organization’s ability to manage credit risk.

Let us assist your business with…

Built within RSM’s Auditor Assistant platform, Credit Review Assistant improves efficiency and consistency of the planning, execution and reporting phases of your financial institution’s credit review activities. The module helps evaluate individual loans, borrowers and relationships, which delivers valuable information on your financial institution’s credit risk profile.

Credit Review Assistant will:

  • Improve credit review efficiency: Eliminate the need for manual data manipulation and management, creating a greater opportunity for teams to focus on more valuable technical analysis required of a strong credit review function.
  • Offer real-time visibility for management: Track project status, including completion and quality control review of individual line sheets.
  • Create thorough and consistent reviews through a loan-level approach: The tool mirrors the natural workflow of a credit file, increasing consistency while retaining familiarity.
  • Increase reporting clarity and consistency: Generate comprehensive reporting at the touch of a button, clearly presenting findings and easy-to-understand results to key stakeholders.

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