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SOC compliance consulting

Increase client confidence in your organization when you provide controls assurance through SOC reporting.

SOC consulting services that help you effectively communicate controls to increase client confidence

System and Organization Controls (SOC) reporting for your organization can be a powerful tool to signal trust, commitment and value to new and existing clients. SOC reports are becoming a must-have competitive advantage as companies across industries increasingly demand this type of assurance from their vendors and partners.

At RSM, our approach and skills help set us apart from other advisors in this highly specialized area. Our SOC assurance team will work with you to determine which report best demonstrates your commitment to internal controls, security and data protection. We’ll advise you to accurately identify potential controls and operational recommendations in advance of a formal SOC attestation engagement. We’ll also provide guidance to your organization to:

  • Identify the appropriate report to provide controls assurance to your customers and other stakeholders
  • Provide recommendations that add value to your control environment
  • Recommend solutions to reduce compliance cost

High-quality, industry-specific SOC reports can differentiate you from your competition and give you an edge in new-business efforts. Proactively preparing for reports also helps save your organization time and money. We’ll work with you to develop a report of the highest quality that leverages the full value of SOC reporting.

Organizations benefit from our specialized experience in:

A SOC readiness review is the most efficient way to prepare for your formal SOC attestation engagement. By identifying potential deficiencies early, you’ll have time to remediate them, put enhanced controls in operation and test the new controls long before a report is issued. Our readiness reviews help and guide the actions necessary for a successful SOC engagement. A readiness audit also greatly increases the likelihood your SOC report accurately reflects the controls and operations you want to provide to your users. SOC readiness reviews are usually most helpful to organizations preparing for their first SOC attestation engagement or transitioning from one SOC report to another (i.e., SOC 1 to SOC 2). RSM’s readiness review options include a high-level diagnostic review of general computer and business process controls—this macro-level view helps you focus your remediation efforts in the right areas prior to your formal SOC engagement and a complete readiness review to provide practical, detailed recommendations that help management establish priorities—this option develops a roadmap for procedures, control objectives or criteria, controls and documentation that should be in place before your formal SOC engagement.

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